Special Announcement

Special Announcement:
It is with great sadness and devastation I announce my main YouTube channel which I launched in April of 2007 and have uploaded more than 3000 videos of concert footage has been terminated because of multiple copyright strike claims made today (July 13, 2017).

The copyright claims were made by a company or group called Rico Management and they flagged at least 60 videos I shot at various years of Coachella which only leads me to assume they were acting on behalf of the festival as one band I have contact with that had a video affected has never heard of Rico Management.

For 10 years I have uploaded video to the channel to promote the concert and music festival experience and showcase the bands that perform. I always knew something like this could potentially happen due to YouTube’s copyright policies and the fickle nature of some artists and record companies, but I always felt it was worth it to share with the public high quality concert footage. I also never thought all three copyright strikes would happen within a couple hours.

The fact the channel lasted a full 10 years is actually quite amazing considering there have been a couple times in that decade that my channel was one strike away from being shut down. Even so, it is absolutely devastating that all that footage will no longer be available for you to look back on.

I am especially saddened that many smaller Canadian independent artists I have shot have lost a significant amount of footage to use for their promotion.

10 years. 3000+ videos. More than 7 million total video views. Videos of Paul McCartney, Gorillaz, Bruce Springsteen, Paramore, Foo Fighters and Death Cab For Cutie to name a few that have gone somewhat viral or have been shared by the media and the bands. All gone. I never made a penny from the views on YouTube.

So where do I go from here? For one thing magmazingmusic.com will need to change significantly since most of the content is now gone. The website has needed some TLC for a while now, but I just haven’t had the time. Other than that, there really is only one thing I can do barring Coachella or whomever gave the order to wipe out my channel reversing their decision to issue copyright strikes, and that is to start from scratch.

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