Who: Acres of Lions w/ Kiana Brasset and Northcote
When: January 28, 2012
Where: Victoria House Concert B

Saturday night The Victoria House Concert B held another sold out house concert. This time it was Victoria’s Acres of Lions’ turn. Most house shows put on by the Victoria House Concert B feature just one or two people playing acoustically. This was a rare occasion that a full band plus guests performing and it made the show that much more special.

Acres of Lions performed two full sets, Matt Goud (also known as Northcote in the local music scene) performed a 30+ minute set and Kiana Brasset performed one of her songs with Acres of Lions in addition to providing backup vocals and playing violin.

I think this is the first house concert I’ve been able to attend that I knew a lot of the songs. I love hearing rock songs I know and normally hear in an amplified setting stripped down to the basic acoustic elements.

One of the best parts about house concerts is that one minute you’re watching the artist perform, the next you’re in the kitchen having a beer chatting with them. There isn’t the disconnect of a loud bar or a barricade of a stage restricting contact with the performer.

I always let my videos do the talking in terms of reviewing a show and I shot a ton of video, but as you can see in the video of ‘Reaction’ below the band was being professionally recorded. So I’m going to wait for that recording to be released before posting more video. In the meantime, enjoy this awesome acoustic version of Acres of Lion’s hit song ‘Reaction’ and also a gallery of photos I took.