I’m kind of posting videos from this year’s Rifflandia kind or randomly just so that I can get a variety of artists out of the gate before I eventually end up procrastinating and slow down my posting. Be sure to keep checking my YouTube channels and my facebook page for more timely updates.

I’ve made a couple posts featuring some videos already, but here’s my videos I’ve uploaded in the last… oh let’s say… 48 hours.

Reggie Watts performing an improv’d (crooning??) ode to Canada

Rich Aucoin at the War Child Lounge- Are You Experiencing?

Cake- Sheep go to Heaven (with band intro from The Zone@91.3’s Jon Williams)

Everlast- What It’s Like (My apologies for the tall guy in the flashy shirt who got in the way of my shot swaying back and forth while taking crappy VERTICAL video while spinning around)

The Stanfields- Ship to Shore

Hey Ocean- New Love

Sloan- The Good in Everyone