POLL: Best Side Stage Dancer at Rifflandia 2012’s Side Stage?

Rifflandia 2012's Best Stage Dancer

Which dancer on the Rifflandia side stage was your favourite?

Unscientific poll. Who of these two is your favourite on-stage dancer on the Side Stage at Royal Athletic Park during the 2012 Rifflandia Music Feestival?

Contender 1: ‘Hula Johnny’, an audience member brought on stage by Grand Analog (http://www.grandanalog.com) to dance during their performance of ‘Magnifico’

Contender 2: Drummer Johnny Andrew’s little nephew Owen who came on stage to play tambourine when Hey Ocean! (http://www.heyocean.com) performed their song ‘Make a New Dance Up’ only to start break dancing making the crowd go nuts.

Make your vote in my comments section below. On a side note, these are the type of concert moments I strive to capture. It’s something that you just can’t get from a music video or an album. This is the kind of thing you only get by being at a show.