Rifflandia 2012's Best Stage Dancer
Which dancer on the Rifflandia side stage was your favourite?

Unscientific poll. Who of these two is your favourite on-stage dancer on the Side Stage at Royal Athletic Park during the 2012 Rifflandia Music Feestival?

Contender 1: ‘Hula Johnny’, an audience member brought on stage by Grand Analog (http://www.grandanalog.com) to dance during their performance of ‘Magnifico’

Contender 2: Drummer Johnny Andrew’s little nephew Owen who came on stage to play tambourine when Hey Ocean! (http://www.heyocean.com) performed their song ‘Make a New Dance Up’ only to start break dancing making the crowd go nuts.

Make your vote in my comments section below. On a side note, these are the type of concert moments I strive to capture. It’s something that you just can’t get from a music video or an album. This is the kind of thing you only get by being at a show.


  1. It’s definitely the little breakdancing tambourine player with Hey Ocean! That kid knew what he was doing. I was watching him come out and kinda played up that he was sheepishly doing the tambourine thing, and then he JUST WENT FOR IT! hahaha It was awesome! I think it kind of surprised the band that he got such a roar out of the crowd! That dude should be IN the band!

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