20 Magmazing Major Concert Moments of 2013

2013 was a year of crossing off a bunch of bucket list bands and songs to see live. It wasn’t the most stand out year… probably because I didn’t really attend as many major concerts this year. I missed out on a bunch of concerts in Vancouver including two I seriously wish I hadn’t missed. I wasn’t there to see Pearl Jam perform ‘Jeremy’ live in Vancouver. And I missed out on seeing Nine Inch Nails in Vancouver as well. But there were still a ton of memorable major moments I was able to capture on video So let’s get to my Top 20 Magmazing Major Concert Moments of 2013.


If you don’t want to go through the countdown one by one, below are links to all 20 posts on each video I’ve chosen. Just click the images.

Top Concert Moments of 2013: Number 5


5. – Hey Ocean! at the BC Legislature- Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) [Arcade Fire cover] (July 1, 2013)

My favourite Arcade Fire song beautifully covered by Vancouver’s Hey Ocean! live on Canada Day with the lights of the BC Legislature in the background. This is just one of the best looking videos I shot all year, hands down.


20 Magmazing Major Concert Moments of 2012

Magmazing Music Major Moments 2012
Just when I thought I’d had my best year as a concert goer in 2011, in comes 2012 and once again I get blown away at the amount of shows I shot this year.

This year I’ve shot more than 100 sets from house concerts to local gigs at coffee shops to nightclub gigs to arena shows and sets at major music festivals. I have posted more than 650 videos publicly and dozens more were hidden from public view or removed. Whittling things down my ten top moments shot is basically impossible. This year I’ll be splitting things into my 20 major concert moments and 20 local artist moments, but even with that, it’s been extremely difficult picking just 20 videos to feature in each list. I guess that’s part of the challenge and the fun of making these lists.

So here’s my Top 20 Magmazing Major Concert Video Moments I shot in 2012!


If you don’t want to go through the countdown one by one, below are links to all 20 posts on each video I’ve chosen. Just click the images.

Top Concert Moments of 2012: Number 9

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9. – Hey Ocean! at Rifflandia 2012- Make a New Dance Up – September 16, 2012

There was just something I can’t put my finger on that made Hey Ocean!’s entire set really special for me. Everything just seemed to be about perfect. The amount of sun on the band was just right, there was a light breeze that made Ashleigh Ball’s dress flow… well… like an ocean wave. The sound recording I captured pretty much sounds like I plugged into a board and the vantage point could not have been better.

There were actually a couple of songs from the band from their Rifflandia 2012 set that I seriously debated over. One of which was ‘New Love’ (click here to see that video). The opening drum beat by Johnny Andrews just sounds incredible… but the moment I picked pretty much had to be the other Andrews on stage later on in the set. That would be Johnny’s nephew Owen when he spontaneously started break dancing on stage during ‘Make a New Dance Up’. How often do you see a cute kid show off his dance moves on a concert stage and have a couple thousand people go nuts? It was a major highlight of Rifflandia this year.

To see the rest of my video of Hey Ocean! at Rifflandia 2012, CLICK HERE.

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Rifflandia 2012 Video Round-up

Rifflandia 2012The 2012 Rifflandia Music Festival ran from September 13th to 16th. Since then I’ve been posting video from the festival nearly every single day. If you haven’t been following my Twitter updates or Facebook page or kept an eye on my YouTube channels you might have missed some of my video archive updates here at the website as I date the posts to coincide with when each band performed.

I’ve uploaded and posted all of my video except for a couple songs by Jinja Safari I couldn’t identify and Sloan’s set due to the fact I think I may have accidentally deleted my audio recording.

So here it is… my master list of links of bands/artists I shot video of at Rifflandia 2012 in order of appearance. After each artist name is a link to my video archive page containing their videos.

Thursday, September 13
Christopher Arruda: Click Here
The Matinee: Click Here
DJ Shadow: Click Here

Friday, September 14
Rich Aucoin: Click Here
Band of Skulls: Click Here
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: Click Here
The Flaming Lips: Click Here
Jasper Sloan Yip: Click Here
Rykka: Click Here
Fucked Up: Click Here

Saturday, September 15
Curent Swell (War Child Loung): Click Here
Rich Aucoin (War Child Lounge): Click Here
Sloan (War Child Lounge): Click Here
The Stanfields: Click Here
The Dudes: Click Here
Dan Mangan: Click Here
Cake: Click Here
Longwalkshortdock: Click Here
Carmanah: Click Here

Sunday, September 16
Hey Ocean! (War Child Lounge): Click Here
Mother Mother (War Child Lounge): Click Here
Jinja Safari: Click Here
Grand Analog: Click Here
The Head and The Heart: Click Here
Hey Ocean!: Click Here
Reggie Watts: Click Here
Everlast: Click Here
Mother Mother: Click Here

Rifflandia 2012 Video Update: September 18, 2012

I’m kind of posting videos from this year’s Rifflandia kind or randomly just so that I can get a variety of artists out of the gate before I eventually end up procrastinating and slow down my posting. Be sure to keep checking my YouTube channels and my facebook page for more timely updates.

I’ve made a couple posts featuring some videos already, but here’s my videos I’ve uploaded in the last… oh let’s say… 48 hours.

Reggie Watts performing an improv’d (crooning??) ode to Canada

Rich Aucoin at the War Child Lounge- Are You Experiencing?

Cake- Sheep go to Heaven (with band intro from The [email protected]’s Jon Williams)

Everlast- What It’s Like (My apologies for the tall guy in the flashy shirt who got in the way of my shot swaying back and forth while taking crappy VERTICAL video while spinning around)

The Stanfields- Ship to Shore

Hey Ocean- New Love

Sloan- The Good in Everyone

POLL: Best Side Stage Dancer at Rifflandia 2012’s Side Stage?

Rifflandia 2012's Best Stage Dancer
Which dancer on the Rifflandia side stage was your favourite?

Unscientific poll. Who of these two is your favourite on-stage dancer on the Side Stage at Royal Athletic Park during the 2012 Rifflandia Music Feestival?

Contender 1: ‘Hula Johnny’, an audience member brought on stage by Grand Analog (http://www.grandanalog.com) to dance during their performance of ‘Magnifico’

Contender 2: Drummer Johnny Andrew’s little nephew Owen who came on stage to play tambourine when Hey Ocean! (http://www.heyocean.com) performed their song ‘Make a New Dance Up’ only to start break dancing making the crowd go nuts.

Make your vote in my comments section below. On a side note, these are the type of concert moments I strive to capture. It’s something that you just can’t get from a music video or an album. This is the kind of thing you only get by being at a show.

Video Archive- 2012-09-16: Hey Ocean! at Rifflandia 2012

Hey Ocean! at Rifflandia 2012
Hey Ocean! performed live in concert on the side stage at Royal Athletic Park for the 2012 Rifflandia Music Festival in Victoria, BC on Sunday September 16, 2012.

Hey Ocean! official website:

To learn more about Rifflandia go to http://www.rifflandia.com

I Am A Heart

New Love





A Song About California

Make a New Dance Up

Big Blue Wave

Video Archive- 2012-09-16: Hey Ocean! at the 2012 Rifflandia War Child Lounge

Hey Ocean! at the 2012 Rifflandia War Child LoungeHey Ocean! performed a short acoustic set at the 2012 Rifflandia War Child Lounge held at the Atrium Building in Victoria, BC on Sunday September 16, 2012.

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For more information about Rifflandia

I Am A Heart


If I Were a Ship

Big Blue Wave