Nanaimo based photographer and cinematographer Tash Baycroft has launched a music video project called naked.jams.  The project showcases Vancouver Island music talent performing live and acoustic in a raw setting. No elaborate set ups. Just a performer in an environment with a camera and a microphone.

So far Tashunka Baycroft * Imaging has shot two sessions of naked.jams.  The first with Nanaimo’s Adam James and Lilo Jo vs Bearclaw. The second with Mike Edel in Victoria BC.

Both sessions definitely show that there is awesome musical talent on the island and that talent is displayed in a visually stunning approach. Keep an eye on this project because it’s only going to get better.

If you know of any Vancouver Island talent who should be or want to be featured in this project, contact Tash at Subscribe to the naked.jams YouTube Channel at

naked.jams Session 001: Adam James – Know Where I Am

naked.jams Session 002: Mike Edel- Two of Us