Welcome to Magmazing Music – A Magnificent place for Amazing Music.  Magmazing Music was first born sometime around the fall of 1998.  I Can’t remember an exact date, but from I could dig up, it was around September 1998.

Magmazing Music was originally a small mp3 site I started back when the mp3 community was still very underground.  Those were the days when the only way to download mp3s was through mp3 websites, FTP sites, and trading with others through places like IRC and ICQ. Not only that, the broadband internet wasn’t widely available yet.

Websites like Blex’s Page of Good Mp3, The Mp3 Place, 3mc.spydar.com, Pure Mp3, Missy’s Chip Stand, Cool Beanzz Mp3, Music Lover on the Net, Mp3 2000 were some notable sites that existed before the the Napster explosion.  Magmazing Music was part of that community. The original site was created and hosted on Geocities. Looking back, the website looked terrible, but hey, it was my very first website.  For a small taste of what the original site was like click here.

After a couple years I discovered Microsoft Frontpage and “redesigned” the site using tables (click here to see the 2000 version of Magmazing Music). The site was more structured, but still not the most eye pleasing nor interactive site. It was around this time Napster was huge, Metallica were being assholes and a lot of mp3 sites were dying out due to free webhosts banning mp3 files, record companies cracking down, and people just not needing download sites anymore. Peer to peer programs like Kazaa, Scour,  and eDonkey started up and ramping things up.

It was around that time Magmazing Music the mp3 website fizzled out. I continued to use the word “magmazing” as my unique online identity. Virtually no one else was using it and to this day I’ve only seen a small number of instances of it being used as a name or word by someone other than myself.

Roughly 5 years after the abandonment of the Magmazing Music website, I attended my first Coachella.  It was April 2007 where Rage Against the Machine reunited. I sneaked in my camcorder, recorded my first video bootlegs and joined a ‘new fangled’ site called YouTube and posted a video from DJ Shadow’s performance. In the following days I would post videos from Teddybears, to Lily Allen and of course, Rage Against the Machine.  Little did I know, that would begin the rebirth of Magmazing Music. That DJ Shadow video is my first video to surpass the 100,000 views mark and I’ve even had a Nine Inch Nails video featured on the YouTube homepage.

The goal of what I do as Magmazing Music today is to share the concert experience in a way I hope will influence you to go experience a concert live yourself.

So come in, explore with open ears, and enjoy!


  1. Hi Dennis. I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. I tweak my audio recordings in Adobe Audition and make relatively basic graphics in Photoshop usually by altering existing graphics. Pretty simple since all I have to do is top and tail a video, sync up my audio recording and add a couple graphics and encode it for YouTube.

  2. Thanks for doing this! I think this is really good for Victoria music scene, and I wish more people knew about it.

  3. Adam! wow… i had no idea you’ve made this kind of investment of time, effort and money to promote live music! (mind you, i was in alberta for eight years.)
    your card’s been sitting on my desk for a few weeks and just now i checked out your sites. good on you for following your passions.
    question: how good are you on Premiere Pro? i use it as well and am looking for a mentor/tutor to pay for some lessons. currently i cut like a…well, videographer. looking for some new tricks/inspiration… are you the man, or could you suggest some one?
    great site. looking forward to digging in a bit. cheers! Norm LeBus

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