Video Archive- 2013-06-21: Vince Vaccaro at V.I.C. Fest 2013

Vince Vaccaro- VIC Fest 2013
Vince Vaccaro performed live in concert at the 2013 Vancouver Island Cultural Festival at St. Ann’s Academy Friday June 21, 2013.

Vince Vaccaro:

VIC Fest:

Out Tonight

Stand as One

Catch a Fire



Costa Rica

Gypsy Son

Little Candle

Let Me Go

Video Archive- 2013-03-15: Vince Vaccaro at Sugar Nightclub

Vince Vaccaro performed live in concert at Sugar Nightclub on Friday March 15, 2013.

Concert presented by The [email protected]

Vince Vaccaro:

The Dove

Stay For Another Year


Littler Candle

Atlantic City


Video Archive- 2013-03-02: Mike Edel at Lucky Bar

Mike Edel performed live in concert at Lucky Bar in Victoria, BC on Saturday March 2, 2013. Concert presented by CMCT

Two of Us

Come Pick Me Up (feat. Vince Vaccaro on harmonica)

St. Columba

20 Magmazing Local Artist Moments of 2012

What a year it’s been in the Victoria Music Scene. It’s definitely a busy year for me. It seems like every other week I was out shooting local bands at Sugar, Lucky, Upstairs, and various other live music venues in Victoria… and that was only a fraction of the gigs I was invited to. Many I had to miss due to my regular work hours. I’ve shot so many local gigs I decided to open up a YouTube channel and website dedicated to local artists.

Last year I had a Top 10 countdown of my favourite videos shot of local artists. This year it’s increased to a Top 20 to showcase as much of the city’s talent as I can.

Victoria Music SceneThis year local favourites released new albums, a couple placed in the top 5 at this year’s Peak Performance Project and new bands took the scene by storm.

So here’s my Top 20 Magmazing Local Artist Video Moments I shot in 2012 brought to you buy!


If you don’t want to go through the countdown one by one, below are links to all 20 posts on each video I’ve chosen. Just click the images.


Video Archive- 2012-10-19: Vince Vaccaro at Sugar Nightclub

Vince Vaccaro at Sugar Nightclub on October 19 2012
Vince Vaccaro performed live in concert at the first Zone Show held at the newly renovated Sugar Nightclub in Victoria, BC on Friday October 19, 2012. Due to work, I was only able to catch the last half of Vince Vaccaro’s set.

Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen cover)

The Dove

Gypsy Son

Little Candle

Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd cover)

Video Archive- 2012-06-16: Vince Vaccaro at V.I.C. Fest 2012

Vince Vaccaro performed live in concert at the 2012 Vancouver Island Cultural Festival in Victoria, BC on Saturday June 16, 2012.
Heart and Hands

Catch a Fire

End of The Road

Stand as One

The Dove


Let Me Go

Vince Vaccaro at Sugar Nightclub: Partying Like Wolves

Vince Vaccaro at Sugar Nightclub February 18, 2012Who: Vince Vaccaro with The Electric Timber Company and Peter Gardner
When: Saturday February 18, 2012
Where: Sugar Nightclub, Victoria BC

My apologies for posting my comments about this show so late. It’s been a hectic month. On February 18th I got another opportunity to shoot another sold out Vince Vaccaro concert at Sugar Nightclub. It was one of those shows where I was given full access of the venue. What really excited me about shooting this show was that I just bought a Canon EF-S 18-200 mm F3.5-5.6 IS lens for my Canon T3i dSLR camera. Up until now I didn’t have a lens that both had enough zoom to get good closeups and wide enough to get audience in the shot if I was zoomed out. Needless to say, the new lens is darn near perfect. Also, now that I have an SLR in my roster of equipment I can use my HD camcorder as a secondary shot at certain concerts.

The biggest challenge for me has been recording audio. After damaging one of my Church Audio microphones at the Acres of Lions house concert I’ve been trying to figure out how to best record clean audio with seriously mixed results. I love my Rode Videomic, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to play well with my Edirol R-09HR recorder. For some reason the audio came out slightly distorted. Add the fact that the mic is mono, it kinda makes me want to break something because the quality isn’t up to my new standards.

As for the show itself, I think it is an early contender for best of the year. The sold out crowd was electric and the performances great. Starting off the evening was Peter Gardner, singer of local band Hawk and Steel. He performed a solo acoustic set. A highlight was a cover of Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’ that Vince joined him on.
Check out some video of Gardner’s set including the Oasis cover by clicking here.

The second act to perform didn’t really have a band name until that night. They were originally billed as “Mike and the Romaniacs.” The night of the concert the name had changed to The Electric Timber Company. The band is a collaboration of a number of local artists, two of which are also in the band Quoia (Mike Roma and Keith Gallant). This show was the first time the band performed in front of a live audience and the pressure was definitely on with a sold out crowd in attendance. They passed the test with flying colours. Check out video of The Electric Timber Company’s set by clicking here.

Finally Vince Vaccaro performed an hour and a half headlining set. It was such a fun set to shoot I’m just going to let the video speak for itself. Here’s the entire concert for you to enjoy. My apologies for a brief bit of darkness and shaky camera work before ‘Costa Rica’. I forgot to edit footage from my second camera to cover it.

You can also view each song individually by clicking here.

Finally, here are some photos I took during soundcheck and before and during the show.

Video Archive- 2012-02-18: Vince Vaccaro at Sugar Nightclub

Vince Vaccaro performing 'Exile' at Sugar NightclubVince Vaccaro performed live at a sold out concert presented by The [email protected] at Sugar Nightclub in Victoria, BC on Saturday February 18, 2012.

The video archive below is his complete setlist in order of performance.

View the videos in a Magmazing Music YouTube playlist by clicking here.

Star Spinning and Heart & Hands

Dawson City Anthem


Catch a Fire

Costa Rica

End of the Road

Silence in the Trees

Stand as One


The Dove

Gypsy Son


Little Candle

Young Leaf

Wish You Were Here

Video Archive- 2012-02-18: Peter Gardner at Sugar Nightclub

Peter Gardner of Hawk and Steel performed live in concert opening for Vince Vaccaro at Sugar Nightclub in Victoria, BC on Saturday February 18, 2012.

What It’s For


Wonderwall (Oasis cover featuring Vince Vaccaro)

Ten Magmazing Local Artist Concert Moments of 2011

Top Ten Local Artist Moments of 2011
Ten days ago I listed my top 10 major concert moments of 2011. I’ve shot so much video in 2011 that two lists became necessary. Today I focus on my favourite local artist concert moments of the year.

Victoria and Vancouver Island have become rich in music talent in the last couple years. You only need to listen to the radio to hear a growing number of local artists gaining high rotation. Once you dive into the local scene you then discover how tight knit the community is. You get to know a handful of artists only to find out they’re friends with another group of musicians.

Here are my 10 favourite local moments of the year that I captured on video. You can take them as 10 reasons to check out more local artists’ gigs where you live.

10. – Georgia Murray at Sauce Restaurant: You Oughta Know – November 9, 2011

I pretty much discovered Georgia Murray’s music while going through the Rifflandia 2011 lineup. I came across the Green Couch Sessions video of her performing ‘Won’t Get in The Way’ and from that moment I put her on my must see list for the festival… and then she had to back out of Rifflandia because she was selected as a finalist in CBC’s Cover Me Canada music reality show. Now, I didn’t really follow the tv show very closely, but did watch videos posted to YouTube and was really impressed with her cover of Alanis Morissette’s ‘You Oughta Know.’ So when The [email protected] had her as a guest performer for their Offic Hero promotion, I jumped at the chance to finally see her peform live. This video of her covering ‘You Oughta Know’ would have been ranked higher on this list if I had done a better job with audio recording in what was a somewhat challenging venue.

Georgia Murray’s website:

9. – Ellisa Hartman at Hatley Castle: Making War (working title) – April 7, 2011

This was the first time I’ve ever been asked to shoot a single take music video. It was definitely a learning experience for me in a technical stand point. I discovered the limitations of my camcorder and my audio recording gear. Wind noise, some other audio gremlins and the steadiness of my shot are things I’ve since made efforts to improve. But this moment gets on my list because the shoot was just fun to do. Ellisa was great to work with and the songs shot sounded fantastic in person.

Ellisa Hartman’s website:

8. – Mike Edel at Lucky Bar: Two of Us – March 5, 2011

I’ve seen Mike Edel perform multiple times. I have yet to see him have a bad show. I had a tough time picking what video moment of Mike feature because there was a bunch of moments I really liked. His performance of ‘Westmont’ and ‘Two of us’ (featuring Stephanie Macpherson) at Rifflandia were two options. But this video of him performing ‘Two of Us’ with Lindsay Bryan at his ‘Last of Our Mountains’ CD release party gets the nod. The lighting at Lucky Bar just looked so good on this video plus the audience was just so engaged.

Mike Edel’s website:

7. – Lola Parks at Rifflandia 2011: Trouble With Me – September 23, 2011

Co-worker friends and I have known Lola Parks (aka Sandy Powlik) from her days as a waitress at Smith’s Pub when we’d go for burger/beer night on Wednesdays. I knew she was an aspiring singer and listened to her music on MySpace, but never got to see her perform live until she performed a solo acoustic set in Centennial Square one August afternoon. After that I knew I had to see her perform with a full band at some point. That opportunity came at Rifflandia 2011 and it was wonderful. The Wood Hall at the Victoria Conservatory of Music is a surprisingly nice intimate venue for a band performance and translates well in this video. ‘Trouble With Me’ is also a very catchy song that gets stuck in your head.

Lola Parks’ website:

6. – Maurice at the McPherson Playhouse: Robin – February 9, 2011

It’s been a year of transition for JP Maurice. From releasing the band’s Big Country EP last November to going solo and nabbing a coveted spot in the Top 20 of the Peak Performance Project, to releasing his latest album ‘Songs in Sea’ this passed October. I was glad to be able to see the full band perform one more time in February when they opened for Jets Overhead at the McPherson Playhouse where they ended their set with a song that was a hit on The [email protected], ‘Robin.’

Maurice’s website:

5. – Acres of Lions at Sugar Nightclub: Reaction – September 10, 2011

Acres of Lions had a pretty stellar year in 2011. They made the Top 5 in this year’s Peak Performance Project… ‘Reaction’ was a hit on the radio… and the ‘Collections’ album was well received. This video of ‘Reaction’ I shot at their CD Release Party at Sugar Nightclub was such a relief for me as a concert videographer. I’ve recorded the band a few times before and each time either the venue just didn’t do the band justice or I didn’t have the right equipment with me to really capture their performance properly. This time at Sugar though, everything was the way it should always be. Good crowd, good venue, good sound.

Acres of Lions’ website:

4. – Rococode at Rifflandia 2011: Concentrate on Me, Empire & Weapon – September 23, 2011

If I had to name one band new to me that really caught my attention in 2011 it was Rococode. The first time I ever saw the band perform was in March when they opened for Mother Mother at Alix Goolden Hall. They were so good I ended up seeing them 3 more times this year. Once when they opened for The Zola’s at Club 9One9, at Rifflandia 2011 and at a house concert at my friend’s place… And this is a band that still doesn’t have an album for sale yet. Technically most of the band live in Vancouver now, but most of them have roots in Victoria. This is my favourite video I shot of them this year mainly because of the angle I managed to shoot from and the exposure was just right.

Rococode’s website:

3. – Jets Overhead at Rifflandia 2011: Love Got in the Way – September 24, 2011

Jets Overhead performed four brand new songs at Rifflandia 2011. I shot three of them. This one is my favourite. I guess I like it’s because it’s a more up tempo song. A bit of a change of pace from other songs from the band. If the four new songs they performed were any indication of what the new album they’re currently recording is going to have, it’s going to be pretty damn good.

Jets Overhead’s website:

2. – Vince Vaccaro at TEDxMileZero – September 10, 2011

I was part of the organizing group for the TEDx Mile Zero event in Victoria back in September. I was mainly responsible a bunch of the technical stuff and shooting/editing the speakers at the event. Vince Vaccaro was a guest performer and he played three songs acoustically and talked between each song. I haven’t had the opportunity to edit a multi-camera shoot for a long time and through a lot of frustration dealing with some technical issues I’m pretty proud of how this video turned out. It’s definitely not how my concert vids usually look. Vince as usual performed an awesome heart felt performance. One of the top highlights of the TEDx Mile Zero event by far. On a side note, I was part of a jury that voted in the Rock category for the 2011 Times Colonist Music Awards. Vince was voted #1.

Vince Vaccaro’s website:

1. – Lindsay Bryan at Lucky Bar: Mud Puddles – March 5, 2011

This was the first time I’d ever seen Lindsay Bryan perform with a full band. The first couple times I saw her perform live it was mainly acoustic sets. This performance at Lucky Bar opening at Mike Edel’s CD release party solidified Lindsay as one of my favourite local singer/songwriters. Her Skyscraper EP is one of my go-to albums to listen to if things get too quiet when I’m at work. I chose this video of ‘Mud Puddles’ because it was was the first song she performed that night and from the moment the drums kicked in and the first few lyrics were sung you just knew it’d be a great performance. Its also another example of Lucky Bar’s back lighting making the video look really good.

Lindsay Bryan’s website:

So there’s my ten favourite local artist moments of 2011. There were a ton of other moments from other great local acts. Just go through my YouTube Channel and you’ll find some great stuff. If you enjoy any of the moments I featured go buy their EPs and albums and check out their shows at a venue near you. Some of their music you can even download for free! Happy New Year everyone! Bring on the concerts of 2012!

Free Music From Vince Vaccaro

UPDATE (July 2012) *** Vince’s website is currently just forwarding to his Facebook Page. The free songs links in this post no longer work***
Top 3 2010 Peak Performance Project finalist, Vince Vaccaro has released a few songs to download for free at his website ( in the last few months. The latest song he’s released is ‘Silence in The Trees’, a song he first wrote and performed a year and a half ago for naked.jams, a single-take music video project by Tash Baycroft of RedStar Films.

Below are links to Vince’s blog posts where the songs can be downloaded and some videos of ‘Silence in the Trees’ and ‘The Dove’ for you to check out.

Song Downloads:
Silence in the Trees
The Dove
Stand as One
Heart Mountain Tour Album

Silence in the Trees (naked.jams video)

Silence in the Trees (live at Sugar Nightclub in June 2010)

The Dove (live at the BC Legislature July 1, 2011)

Vote Steph Macpherson for Shore 104’s Song Search

Vancouver radio station Shore 104.3 recently announced the top ten in their Song Search contest. One of the finalist is former Victoria resident Steph Macpherson. Vote for her song ‘Summer Salute’ by going here: and clicking the vote button. You need to signup with with your email address, but you only have to sign up once. From then on you can vote once each day.

Also be sure to check out for more great tunes from Steph. (Twitter: @stephmacpherson)

Here’s a great video of ‘Summer Salute’ shot by Potentially Famous Productions that also features 2010 Peak Performance finalist Vince Vaccaro.