20 Magmazing Major Concert Moments of 2013

2013 was a year of crossing off a bunch of bucket list bands and songs to see live. It wasn’t the most stand out year… probably because I didn’t really attend as many major concerts this year. I missed out on a bunch of concerts in Vancouver including two I seriously wish I hadn’t missed. I wasn’t there to see Pearl Jam perform ‘Jeremy’ live in Vancouver. And I missed out on seeing Nine Inch Nails in Vancouver as well. But there were still a ton of memorable major moments I was able to capture on video So let’s get to my Top 20 Magmazing Major Concert Moments of 2013.


If you don’t want to go through the countdown one by one, below are links to all 20 posts on each video I’ve chosen. Just click the images.

Top Concert Moments of 2013: Number 1

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1. – Paramore in Vancouver- Ain’t It Fun [feat. the Sir Charles Tupper Secondary Choir] (October 16, 2013)

My most watched new video of 2013. Paramore performed what will be their first single of 2014 in ‘Ain’t it Fun’. When I first heard this song playing the concert setlist in my car as I was driving to Vancouver I found myself putting the song on repeat a few times. It has such a catchy hook to it. During the performance Hayley Williams brought the Sir James Tupper Secondary Choir on stage in gospel style robes to perform with the band. Now, through out Paramore’s tour they brought a choir on at every show, but I guess my video was the first well shot video of the “choir moment” on the tour to be posted on YouTube because judging by all the tweets, Paramore fans were going nuts.

One thing I learned from posting this video is that Paramore is ridiculously popular in Brazil. But none of this is the main reason this video is my #1 moment of 2013. No, the fact is most of the hits this video weren’t directly from fans reposting it. It was because Paramore noticed one fan’s repost of the video, retweeted that person and then posted the video on their Facebook page… a page with 27-million likes. It’s the first time any major recording artist with that big of a fanbase has has shared a video I shot in such a way. The post on Facebook was shared 371 times, liked 10,066 times and commented on 202 times.

It’s unfortunate that the venue for the concert was moved from the Pacific Coliseum to the smaller PNE Forum, but hopefully my video shows people in and around Vancouver that they missed out on a great concert.

Screengrab of Paramore's Facebook page October 17, 2013 featuring my video
Screengrab of Paramore’s Facebook page October 17, 2013 featuring my video

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Top Concert Moments of 2013: Number 20

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20. – St. Lucia at Rifflandia 2013- Elevate (September 14, 2013)

St. Lucia had a rough go at Rifflandia 2013. They barely made it to the festival due to flight issues and their Macbook laptop had major technical issues which affected elements of certain songs they had on their setlist. It lead to them restarting songs and delays trying to figure out what was going on. It’s unfortunate because when things were working, their performance was fantastic. I really enjoyed this performance of their single ‘Elevate’. The band’s sound has such an 80’s synth-pop vibe and Jean-Philip Grobler’s voice has a sort of Morrisey quality to it.

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Video Archive- 2013-10-16: Paramore at the PNE Forum

Paramore performed live in concert at the PNE Forum in Vancouver, BC on Wednesday October 16, 2013.

Paramore: http://www.paramore.net

Grow Up

That’s What You Get


Interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore & Now


When It Rains

Last Hope & Brick By Boring Brick

Ain’t It Fun (with the Sir Charles Tupper Secondary Choir)

The Only Exception

In The Mourning (medley with Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide)


Misery Business

Interlude: Moving On

Still Into You

Top Concert Moments of 2012: Number 2


2. – Bruce Springsteen at Rogers Arena- Hungry Heart – November 26, 2012

I’m not a hardcore Bruce Springsteen fan. I don’t really listen to his music that much and only know a few singles, but holy crap! Springsteen’s show was off the charts. Nearly the entire sold out arena was standing the entire show. He performed for three straight hours. He went into various areas of the audience multiple times, pulled up a young girl to sing a chorus, danced with an 80-year-old woman on stage and pulled up a guy dressed up as Santa to help perform ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’.

Moment after moment of that concert is worthy of this spot on this countdown, but the video I chose set the tone for the night. Bruce Springsteen performed Hungry Heart as the third song of the set and crowd surfed across the floor. A 63-year-old rock legend crowd surfed. It was sight to behold, and the video I was able to capture on my new camera is pretty awesome for a point & shoot. It’s basically the same quality of my full camcorder I bought 3 years ago.

To see the rest of my video of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band at Rogers Arena, CLICK HERE.


Top Concert Moments of 2012: Number 3


3. – Garbage at The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts- Only Happy When It Rains – September 29, 2012

Check off one of my bucket list bands. Garbage reunited in 2012 and started touring just before Coachella 2012. I had high hopes they would be in the 2012 Coachella lineup, but alas they performed in L.A. just days before my flight down there. Strangely I ended up stumbling onto the Vancouver concert by accident. I happened to open up Facebook hours after tickets for their Vancouver date went on sale and there was a post on Garbage’s fan page. I had to scramble to buy tickets. Thankfully I ended up with great seats.

Less than a week before this concert I had seen The Shins at the Royal Theatre and finally came to the conclusion my Canon TX-1 digital camera had finally crapped out. It was no longer focussing properly and with a concert I was anticipating so much on the horizon I bought a new digital camera on impulse. I think I made a sound decision if this video of ‘Only Happy When it Rains’ is any indication. Shirley Manson at 46 still looks incredible and she had the audience in the palm of her hand. There was some stiff competition in Vancouver that night. The Vancouver Whitecaps were playing at BC Place Stadium, Madonna was at Rogers Arena, Amanda Palmer was at The Commodore, Bloc Party were at The Vogue Theatre, and Dragonette performed at Venue.

To see the rest of my video of Garbage at The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts, CLICK HERE.


Top Concert Moments of 2012: Number 1

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1. – Paul McCartney at BC Place Stadium- Mull of Kintyre – November 25, 2012

deltaoptimistFor the first time in 48 years, Paul McCartney performed in concert in Vancouver. This moment from the concert got massive attention because the Delta Police Pipe Band performed on stage with the famous Beatle for ‘Mull of Kintyre.’

Within 2 days this video received 10,000+ hits after it was shared multiple times on Facebook, embedded on newspaper blogs and posted on Twitter. As of the date of this post the view count has passed 50,000. A screenshot of the video was used in the Delta Optimist newspaper. Vancouver TV station Global BC used my YouTube video without any courtesy graphic. All reasons why this video is my #1 moment of 2012.

To see the rest of my video of Paul McCartney at BC Place Stadium, CLICK HERE.

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Video Archive: 2012-11-25: Paul McCartney at BC Place Stadium

Paul McCartney at BC Place Stadium In Vancouver BC
Paul McCartney performed live in concert at BC Place Stadium in Vancouver, BC on Sunday November 25, 2012.

Here is all of my video in order of performance.

Magical Mystery Tour

All My Loving


Sing The Changes

The Night Before

Let Me Roll It

Paperback Writer

The Long and Winding Road

Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five

My Valentine

Maybe I’m Amazed

I’ve Just Seen a Face

And I Love Her


Here Today

Dance Tonight

Mrs. Vandebilt

Eleanor Rigby


Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da

Back in the U.S.S.R.

I’ve Got a Feeling

A Day in The Life

Let it Be

Live and Let Die

Hey Jude

Day Tripper

Get Back


Mull of Kintyre

Helter Skelter

Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight & The End

Garbage Thrill Fans in Vancouver

Garbage at The Center in Vancouver for Performing ArtsLast night I finally got to see Garbage live for the very first time. The band has been on my list of bands I’ve always wanted to see in concert and they did not disappoint. The band had a couple things going against them.

First, the concert itself received almost no promotion from what I experienced. I only found out that the concert was even happening a couple hours after tickets went on sale and I still managed to snag awesome seats. Only one rock radio station in either Vancouver or Victoria had the concert listed in their concert page. It was weird that I heard no on-air promotion anywhere. I think the band is still relevant. The amount of recognizable songs in their set and the fact that their new album has been a success for the most part should be proof of that.

Second, the show was in direct competition with the likes of Madonna at Rogers Arena Amanda Palmer at the Commodore, Bloc Part at the Vogue Theatre and Dragonette at Venue. The band seemed genuinely thrilled with the turnout to The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts, a seated venue that the band isn’t really used to playing.

Third, Shirley Manson was clearly having problems with her earpiece. A note on setlist.fm says that the normally 21 song set was cut short to 19 due technical problems with the in-ear monitors.

Shirley Manson had the crowd at the palm of her hand the entire show. Between songs she was practically having full conversations with everyone. During one break Manson was talking to the crowd about feeling “fat” when drummer Butch Vig walked up to her with a cymbal just to tell her that he broke a cymbal. It was a funny moment in what looked to be a show the band was having a lot of fun at. During ‘Hammering in My Head’ she walked up and down the aisles of the main floor while performing and got up close with fans. Manson both looked and sounded fantastic during the set closing ‘Only Happy When it Rains’.

I can now cross off the band on my bucket list concerts, but I would not hesitate to see Garbage again, and hopefully soon.

A couple videos from the show (More can be seen in my video archive post by CLICKING HERE):
Only Happy When it Rains

#1 Crush (with a short homage to Madonna at the beginning due to her performing a few blocks away at Rogers Arena)

Video Archive- 2012-09-29: Garbage at The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts

Garbage at The Center in Vancouver for Performing ArtsGarbage performed live in concert at The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts in Vancouver, BC on Saturday September 29, 2012.

On this night, there was also a Vancouver Whitecaps game at BC Place Stadium, Madonna performed at Rogers Arena, Bloc Party performed at the Vogue, Amanda Palmer was at the Commodore, and Dragonette was performing at Venue. Garbage was ecstatic about the turnout to their show considering all the competing events.

I shot 14 of the 19 songs performed at the concert. I did not shoot ‘Shut Your Mouth’, ‘Queer’, ‘Control’, ‘Special’ or ‘Battle in Me’… A couple of them I had started recording but either my shot got obstructed more that I could tolerate or I put my camera down out of caution while a security person walked by.


I Think I’m Paranoid

Why Do You Love Me

Stupid Girl

Hammering in My Head

#1 Crush

Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)

Blood for Poppies

Man on a Wire

The Trick is to Keep Breathing

Push It

Only Happy When it Rains

I Hate Love


Foo Fighters 2.5 Hours of Pure Rocking Out

Dave Grohl
Dave Grohl dances with "a pretty girl with the disco shirt" Watch the video in our video archives.

**Watch all the video I shot of the Foo Fighters in Vancouver here**

Last night I saw the Foo Fighters live for the first time in 11 years. It’s the third time I have ever seen the band perform. The first time I ever saw Foo Fighters was at Edgefest at Thunderbird Stadium in Vancouver in 1998. I seem to recall at one point they brought an ice cream cart on stage and tossed popsicles and ice cream at the audience and at the end destroyed their drum kit. The last time I saw them was in 2000 at Our Lady Peace’s Summersault held at BC Place Stadium. I’m sure it was a solid show, but I honestly don’t remember anything from that particular concert.

Seeing them last night solidified how awesome Dave Grohl is and I’m not saying that just because he walked into the crowd and started dancing with a girl 2 rows in front of me. The guy just gives it everything he’s got. His charisma on stage is off the charts. If you were stuck in a room with Dave Grohl chances are you’d end up having a good time.

The Foo Fighters performed a basically locked-in setlist they play at every show. The only difference from a previous setlist I had printed out was Dave performed an acoustic version of ‘Wheels’ instead of ‘Long Road to Ruin’ during the encore. When a band does the same set over and over again you almost wonder when they might get tired or it and sorta mail it in on stage, but there was none of that at this show. It was non-stop rocking out. And considering it’s pretty much the same set every show it was a well oiled machine. The only noticeable rough spot to my ears was Dave’s voice during his solo acoustic rendition of ‘Best of You’. Can’t really fault him for it considering he’s singing and yelling for 3 hours multiple times a week.

One thing I never really realized about Foo Fighters is just how many singles the band has had over the years. You look at their 23 song set list and most of it is something that’s had extensive airplay on the radio at some point, and there were singles left out of their set.

Opening for the Foos were Mariachi El Bronx and Cage the Elephant. I missed Mariachi El Bronx because A)I mistakenly thought doors opened at 7 when they opened at 6pm. and B) I was outside trying to sell a co-worker’s tickets because he couldn’t go. On a side note, I can’t believe this show wasn’t sold out. The lower bowl was near capacity, but the upper deck had a few empty patches.

Matt Shultz of Cage the Elephant crowd standing
Cage The Elephant's Matt Schultz stands ON the crowd

Cage the Elephant put on a solid set 11-song set. A highlight of their performance was when lead singer Matt Shultz staged dived into the crowd and then proceeded to have the audience hold him up so he could stand on the crowd.

This was a pure rock show. In a way it was a Dave Grohl guitar clinic. his little “guitar battle” with lead guitarist Chris Shiflett was fun to watch. If you ever have an opportunity to see Foo Fighters. Go.

Here is video of the final song of the concert, ‘Everlong’: