It was announced today that Gorillaz is set to perform at Rogers Arena (aka GM Place) in Vancouver on Wednesday, November 3rd. This announcement got me excited. After seeing them at Coachella I would love to check them out again. What’s even better is that the show is on a weekday because my regular work schedule has been weekends this year. So what could be more perfect? Gorillaz on a day where I won’t have to sacrifice a day of wages! Oh wait… Tickets for the show are $65 – $106!!!

This isn’t U2 at BC Place. This is Gorillaz in an arena. If the tickets were $20 – $25 cheaper I would say it’d be worth it. I could handle $80 for a premium ticket. But for $106 I would expect pretty much every artist who collaborates with the band to be on stage at some point. I had awesome seats for Pearl Jam at GM Place for $67. I saw U2 15 feet away from me in the inner pit for $55. I saw Stone Temple Pilots from the floor in Victoria for $60. Coachella was $300 for 3 days and 5 stages of bands that included Gorillaz. You’re telling me I basically have to pay nearly double to get primo tickets for Gorillaz?

I’m still thinking about going despite the outrageous price tag, but suddenly I’m happier I saw them at Coachella.