Last night I attended an acoustic show featuring Steph Macpherson, Jeffrey K. of Acres of Lions and a couple other acts. It was an simple, intimate gig. I had previously seen Macpherson opening for Vince Vaccaro in June. Last night was an opportunity to get some footage of her performance. There’s a good reason she won a competition to perform at Sarah McLachlan’s Lilith in Vancouver.

Jeffrey K. was aso very good. I only have heard of Acres of Lions through The Zone@91.3’s airplay of a couple of their songs. Honestly, I can’t remember the songs, but the band name sticks out. But yeah, Jeffrey has a powerful voice.

As for the other two acts, I showed up an hour and a half into the show and missed Ellisa Hartman. Walking into Lucky Bar and first seeing two tall and buff scruffy haired guys, one in a tye dye shirt and another in a “wifebeater” tank top singing softly while playing acoustic guitars was unexpected.

Anyway, I shot one song from Jeffrey K. and most of Steph Macpherson’s set. Unfortunately I misjudged the audio levels on my audio recorder and a couple of Steph’s songs experienced some clipping which annoys me because who gets clipping from an acoustic show? *thumbs pointing at myself* This guy… All in the learning process of figuring out the best settings for my relatively new piece of equipment.

I’ll update this post when I’ve uploaded the video to YouTube.