It was Canada Day yesterday. Decided to head down to Victoria’s Inner Harbour to check out Jon and Roy headline the holiday’s entertainment on the BC Legislature lawn before the fireworks. I have to say I felt like I’d walked into a giant middle/high school party. How many people under 18 are there in this city? Where the hell was everyone betwee 20 and 35? As someone who’s 29 and seeing all these teenagers in skimpy outfits… some wearing JUST flags, it felt like if you looked at someone too long Chris Hanson from “To Catch a Predator would appear out of the crowd and start questioning you and then some of the hundreds of police officers patrolling the area would pounce.

Anyway, getting back on track, Jon and Roy’s performance was a crowd pleaser near the stage where mostly families were situated (all the drunk teens seemed to occupy the road in front of the Empress Hotel). I don’t have any complaints about their sound or their music. My only critique is Jon’s stage presence. Jon has a very good voice, but I think he should show a little more emotion. Usually when I record video of a lead singer has a definite expression on their face. They’re either rocking out, being pissed off, concentrating on a note… Jon seemed to be completely neutral. Of course this is from the eye of a zoomed in camcorder lens. The crowd around me was just grooving to the music.

Here’s ‘Little Bit of Love.’ It’s probably their most known song at the moment as it’s had significant airplay on local radio stations. Enjoy.