Video Archive- 2013-06-21: The Roper Show at V.I.C. Fest 2013

The Roper Show- VIC Fest 2013
The Roper Show performed live in concert at the 2013 Vancouver Island Cultural Festival at St. Ann’s Academy Friday June 21, 2013.

The Roper Show:

VIC Fest:

I Ain’t Ready

Sick of You & Yukon Girl

Video Archive- 2012-08-18: Jesse Roper at Market Square’s Courtyard Sessions

Jesse Roper at Market Square

Jesse Roper performed live with Charlene Birkbeck at Market Square for The Courtyard Sessions in Victoria, BC on Saturday August 18, 2012.

Eric’s Got a Baby

Yukon Girl


Midnight Rider (Allman Brothers cover)