20 Magmazing Major Concert Moments of 2013

2013 was a year of crossing off a bunch of bucket list bands and songs to see live. It wasn’t the most stand out year… probably because I didn’t really attend as many major concerts this year. I missed out on a bunch of concerts in Vancouver including two I seriously wish I hadn’t missed. I wasn’t there to see Pearl Jam perform ‘Jeremy’ live in Vancouver. And I missed out on seeing Nine Inch Nails in Vancouver as well. But there were still a ton of memorable major moments I was able to capture on video So let’s get to my Top 20 Magmazing Major Concert Moments of 2013.


If you don’t want to go through the countdown one by one, below are links to all 20 posts on each video I’ve chosen. Just click the images.

Top Concert Moments of 2013: Number 2


2. – City and Colour at Rock The Shores 2013- Thirst (July 13, 2013)

An unforgettable moment from Rock the Shores in Victoria in July. During City and Colour’s performance of ‘Thirst’, Dallas Green noticed that the daughter of the photography coordinator of the festival was in the photo pit dancing along to the song and decided to bring her on stage. When Ella got on stage she sat mesmerized by the 10,000 people looking on despite Dallas trying to coax her to dance. The best part was Dallas didn’t miss a beat or note through the whole process. Finally during an extended instrumental portion of the song towards the end Ella was finally convinced to dance.