Video Archive- 2013-06-21: Vince Vaccaro at V.I.C. Fest 2013

Vince Vaccaro- VIC Fest 2013
Vince Vaccaro performed live in concert at the 2013 Vancouver Island Cultural Festival at St. Ann’s Academy Friday June 21, 2013.

Vince Vaccaro:

VIC Fest:

Out Tonight

Stand as One

Catch a Fire



Costa Rica

Gypsy Son

Little Candle

Let Me Go

Video Archive- 2010-08-08: Vince Vaccaro at Lucky Bar

Vince Vaccaro headlined the Lab Loves Lindsay benefit concert at Lucky Bar in Victoria BC on Sunday August 8, 2010. He was accompanied by Jean-Paul Maurice and had a guest appearance by Cole Martin.

Vince Vaccaro- Catch a Fire

Vince Vaccaro- Costa Rica

Cole Martin- On The West Coast

Jean-Paul Maurice & Vince Vaccaro- Caught in a Lie

Vince Vaccaro- We’ve All Got to Be Going Somewhere

Vince Vaccaro- Little Candle

Video Archive- 2010-06-19: Vince Vaccaro at Sugar Nightclub

Vince Vaccaro headlined a sold out show at Sugar Nightclub on Saturday June 19, 2010.

Vince Vaccaro- In the City

Vince Vaccaro- Animals (feat. Steph Macpherson)

Vince Vaccaro- Close to My Love

Vince Vaccaro- South Pacific Ocean

Vince Vaccaro- Heart & Hands

Vince Vaccaro- Home

Vince Vaccaro- Costa Rica

Vince Vaccaro- Redemption Song

Vince Vaccaro- Heartbeat Like the Rain

Vince Vaccaro- Little Candle